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About Us

The thing about us is we’re winners. Our vow to fresh-grill every single bite with juicy greatness has made us a beef dynasty the likes of which Kane County has never tasted.

beef champions

Do you remember where you were for the first one?

beef champions

Meat smells have permanently soaked into the wood. It's awesome.

Our History

The plan was to open a RadioShack™ in 2011, but then we saw the writing on the wall:

cheezy frame

A message from the past. A legend from greasier times, when people ate stupid-good food in shacks because there was literally nothing else to do. We knew this was a sign that we were meant for something more. We had beef with our own destinies. So we set out to bring back those Shack Days, when we had good food and good times in real life, not on Snappychat.

So in 2012 we opened our first Beef Shack with the dream of spreading these simpler times and legendary meats across the entire continental United States…

Beef Shacks Across America

(We're working on it.)